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do you want to reduce your test cases? Why dont you try Pro-Test? Pro-Test able to help you reduce the total number of test cases. By doing this, you will increase efficiency. Pro-Test leverages the power of High Throughput Testing (HTT) to accelerate your testing to new heights. Pro-Test has...

Quantum XL

Quantum XL software is an add-in for Excel to simulate modeling and analysis in Excel. Quantum XL supports many advanced features including Optimization, Custom Distributions, Latitude Plots, Percent Contribution Analysis, and much. It has features: up to 2 million simulations in one second when running in Rocket Mode. Optimization criteria can be...

SimWare Pro

SimWare Pro is a unique simulation package that helps clarify Design of Experiments and other statistical concepts. By using SimWare Pro, you can launch a virtual process which used to for analysis and/or optimization. SimWare Pro can do: - various simulations demonstrate - Design of Experiments - Design for Six Sigma - Measurement System Analysis -...

SnapSheets XL

SnapSheets XL is a cost effective easy to use software package that integrates into Excel that using for: - Quality Function Deployment (QFD) - Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA) - Pugh Concept Selection. Whether your needs are for Six Sigma, Design for Six Sigma (DFSS), ISO 9000, or general use, SnapSheets XL is the...

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