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Top 7 PHP Security Blunders (1)

Unvalidated Input Errors One of -- if not the -- most common PHP security flaws is the unvalidated input error. User-provided...

Safeguard your XML based messages 4

A real-world example of Apache XML Security To make this tutorial slightly more interesting, I discuss the Apache XML Security library...

Safeguard your XML based messages 3

Secure your Web services As I mentioned previously, Web services are based upon exchanging SOAP messages, which are clear text XML...

Safeguard your XML based messages 2

Introducing the Apache XML Security project The Institute for Data Communications Systems at the University of Siegen in Germany donated the...

Safeguard your XML based messages

Create secure Web services with Apache XML Security By Tarak Modi, Web services are here to stay, but if you are...

Register Global

When you use a php programming, you should check for your server. If your server set register global=off, you have...

About Super Global

$GLOBALS Contains a reference to every variable which is currently available within the global scope of the script. The keys of...

Howto create a password for a htpasswd file using PHP

A user emailed me and asked how to create a password for a .htpasswd file using PHP. It is actually...

Prevent htaccess From Hack 3

Securing directories: Remove the ability to execute scripts Heres a couple different ways I do it code: AddHandler cgi-script .php .pl .py .jsp...

Prevent htaccess From Hack 1

Make any file be a certain filetype (regardless of name or extension) #Makes image.gif, blah.html, index.cgi all act as php ForceType application/x-httpd-php Authentication...

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