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background color

command: background-color either a color, transparent, or inherit Description: for setting just the background color of an element initial value: transparent; not inherited...

AuthAuthoritative directive

Syntax: AuthAuthoritative on|off Default: AuthAuthoritative on Context: directory, .htaccess Override: AuthConfig Status: Base Module: mod_auth Setting the AuthAuthoritative directive explicitly to 'off' allows for both...

AuthUserFile directive

Syntax: AuthUserFile file-path Context: directory, .htaccess Override: AuthConfig Status: Base Module: mod_auth The AuthUserFile directive sets the name of a textual file containing the...

Register Global

When you use a php programming, you should check for your server. If your server set register global=off, you have...

About Super Global

$GLOBALS Contains a reference to every variable which is currently available within the global scope of the script. The keys of...

Count how many days

If you have a date from x to y, and you want to count how many days from that date,...

Passing value from child window to parent

if you want to add value from child window to parent window, try this little bit javascript: Here is sample file...

About ed at Linux

;ABOUT ED Line oriented file editor. Below is a listing of know limitations of the ed editor: 64 characters per file...

About Pico at Linux

SYNTAX pico [+n] [-b] [-d] [-e] [-f] [-h] [-j] [-g] [-k] [-m] [-nn] [-] [-] [ file ] ...

AuthType directive for Apache

- AuthType directive Syntax: AuthType Basic|Digest Context: directory, .htaccess Override: AuthConfig Status: core This directive selects the type of user authentication for a directory. Only...

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