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Error Outlook Express 3

0x800CCC05 NOT CONNECTED TO SERVER Can you get web pages? If so, you may have the wrong mail server...

Error Outlook Express 2

0x800CCC02 INVALID CERTIFICATE DATE Get your certificate re-issued by your authority server 0x800CCC03 USER ALREADY CONNECTED You may be...

Error Outlook Express 1

0x800CCC00 LOAD SICILY FAILED - Authentication did not load. Try closing and restarting Outlook express If still getting same error,...

Feed Validator

If you have a blog or something like that, and you have a RSS file, you can use this site:...

CSS validator

After trying to get html validator, now, i want to find for CSS validator. Yeah, i find it at But,...

How to validate your site

Sometimes ago, i want to check my site validation. I try to search from search engine, and then, i found...

Find duplicate content

I just wonder how to check the other site that use my content. So i finally found this site: That's very...

background repeat

command: background-repeat one of repeat, repeat-x, repeat-y, no-repeat, or inherit Description: for determining how and if background images should be tiled initial value:...

background position

command: background-position either one or two percentages or lengths (or one percentage and one length) or one of top, center, or...

background image

command: background-image either a URL, none, or inherit Description: for setting just the background image of an element initial value: none; not inherited...

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