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any combination of the values of border-width, border-style, and/or a color, or inherit Description: for defining all aspects of a border on...

WinFax PRO 10.02 printers disappear or do not install after adding

Close all open programs, including WinFax PRO (if it was successfully installed). Click Start. ...

Some Quick Tips for New Users

Google prefers pages with lots of text rather than lots of pictures, because it can better assess what...

How Does Google Know What Ads Will Interest My Audience

Google's AdSense engine, as with everything Google, is rather sophisticated. Rather than simply serving up random ads from its advertiser...

A Pirate Software force to leave Linux

A man about the pirate software, has to go jail for 5 month and force to leave Linux and go...

Fail to block Spyware mean Windows Defender weak

Security Software company Webroot claims that blocking application malware and antivirus program at Microsoft is not guarantee all security. The research...

60 Millions Computer use Pirate Windows Vista

According to Vice President of Windows Product Marketing Mike Sievert, at the worst scenario, there will be about 60 millions...

About Piglet viruses

A virus call as Worm:VBWorm.NOI or Piglet was found. It like a file with name "AVG 2007" at drive include...

Error Outlook Express 5

0x800CCC0E FAILED TO CONNECT - Cannot connect to server This error can appear if you have 'notify me if...

Error Outlook Express 4

0x800CCC0B SERVER OR MAILDROP IS BUSY Try to retrieve e-mail about once every 5 minutes. Alternatively, call your ISP...

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