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PHP feof() Function

Definition and Usage The feof() function checks if the "end-of-file" (EOF) has been reached. This function returns TRUE if an error occurs,...

Vote For Porn

It all happened in the Sedgemoor District of Somerset. Letters have been sent out to people to try and make...

Computer Industry disappointed with Vista

The head of Acer computer Taiwan, Gianfranco Lanci complain about operating system Windows Vista. He claims that all computer industri...

Web Design for Invention Machine

"When you ask people how they came up with the inspiration behind their ideas, they say things like 'It came...

Load Images In Flash From PHP

This knowledges was getting from First, you have to download this file to make you quick to learn Open the Actions...

Load variable from PHP to Flash

Just create a simple php file with name: a.php And the a.php contains like this: <?php $FileName =...

Pass value to HTML or PHP

QueryString basically works like this. Lets say you want to pass userName and passWord out to an HTML/PHP file. You...

About context at apache

This indicates where in the server's configuration files the directive is legal. It's a comma-separated list of one or more...

About syntax at apache

This indicates the format of the directive as it would appear in a configuration file. This syntax is extremely directive-specific,...

CoreDumpDirectory directive

Syntax: CoreDumpDirectory directory-path Default: the same location as ServerRoot Context: server config Status: core This controls the directory to which Apache attempts to switch...

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