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Website Watcher

What do you need with your website? You may need the website watcher to monitor your site. WebSite-Watcher works as...


What software you use when you want to create niche website? Sometimes, i use notepad and dreamweaver for the design....

Top 7 PHP Security Blunders (1)

Unvalidated Input Errors One of -- if not the -- most common PHP security flaws is the unvalidated input error. User-provided...

Confirm box with 2 location

If you want to make confirm box that goes to 2 different location, you can use javascript to handle this...

Yahoo apologises for China mistakes

Yahoo's general counsel and executive vice president has apologised for unintentionally misleading statements regarding his company's activities in China. Michael Callahan...

AlQaeda preparing global DoS attack

A news website with strong links to the Israeli military has predicted that al-Qaeda will launch an attack on the...

Online video could be next virus target

Security specialists are warning that virus writers will increasingly embed their wares in online videos. Chris Rouland, chief technology officer at...

Hackers step up attacks on US utilities

Hack attacks targeting US utilities have almost doubled this year, a security firm warned today. Managed security services company SecureWorks estimated...

McAfee buys into encryption market

McAfee has agreed to acquire encryption expert Safeboot for $350m in cash. Safeboot markets data protection software that uses encryption and...

Creating an RSS Feed using Php and MySQL

Assuming that you were use PHP5. Here is the example: <?php require_once('Db.php'); Class Feed { Function GetHeader(){ return "<?xml version=\"1.0\"?> <rss version=\"2.0\"> <channel> ...

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