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Case 2 Move HTML Pages

Redirecting New Page Names You need to create a URL redirect statement for each old html page name/new html page name...

Move HTML Pages

When you want to move your html pages to other directory, or to rename it, it will make you traumatic....

Fixed All Error

Great! At last, my yahoo can online at trillian messenger. I only need to change the port. I dont know....

Fixed for Yahoo Messenger

At last, i have found the error at yahoo messenger. Its about proxies and firewall. My first setting is no...

Yahoo Messenger Error

Since yesterday, me and my friend get something strange. Both of us can chat with yahoo. We can receive any...

Method 3 of SEF

Method 3: The ForceType Directive Implementation: You'll recall that the thing that trips up Google, and maybe even other search engines, when...

Method 2 of SEF

Method 2: .htaccess Error Pages Implementation: The second method involves using the .htaccess file. If you're new to it, .htaccess is a...

Method 1 of SEF

Implementation: If you look above this article on the address bar, you’ll see a URL like this: SitePoint actually uses...

Search Engine Friendly URLs

On today’s Internet, database driven or dynamic sites are very popular. Unfortunately the easiest way to pass information between your...

More Server Radio Options

There are still more options for broadcasting including more software for PCs and MACs ( taken from ) # Helix...

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