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Preventing directory listing

Typically servers are setup to prevent directory listing, but often they aren't. If you have a directory full of downloads...

Protecting your bandwidth

"Bandwidth stealing," also known as "hot linking," is linking directly to non-html objects on another server, such as images, electronic...

Redirecting to

If search engines find both www and non-www links from other sites to your site, they may treat and...

Redirect with htaccess

You can use .htaccess file to redirect any request for a specific page to a new page... Redirect /OldDir/old.html Server-side redirects...

htaccess Useful

CUSTOM ERROR PAGE The most common errors are 404 (Not Found) and 500 (Internal Server Error). Design your custom Web pages...

htaccess at Windows

Windows will not let you rename a file to ".htaccess". You will get an error You must type a filename...

Optimize Your Site

When you want to create a website, you always want to make your design look very good. Sometimes, we forget...

Sendmail using PHP

Sometimes, when we want to send an email from php programing, we find some difficulties. So, i tried to find...

Move HTML Pages 2

After you make changes for your htaccess, you should try it by entered the old url at your address bar....

Case 1 Move HTML Pages

Redirecting The Same Page Names Moved To New Directory If you are moving all the files in one directory to a...

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