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Desktop Connection

When you need to connect your desktop, this program can be used. Royal TS Desktop Connection make your need come true.

With some features, the price is coming with good price.

This is the feature:

Organize Multiple Connections
Royal TS allows you to organize multiple remote desktop connections in one single file.

You can put one or more connections into a folder to categorize your connections. Sort your connections and/or folders in the tree automatically or manually to keep things organized the way you want.

You can also bulk-edit and bulk-remove multiple items at the same time.

Get Session Information
Royal TS can retrieve the current user sessions from a remote host*. For system engineers this feature is very useful, as it shows if there is already someone connected, or left a session disconnected.

Further you can also send a message to an existing session or even reset a session (which is basically a forced log out). This is handy because for remote administration RDP allows only 2 concurrent sessions and 1 console session at the same time.

* RPC communication between Royal TS and the remote machine, as well as appropriate credentials are required.

Protect Your Files
You can store username, domain and even the password for each connection. When credentials are provided you can also enable "Autologon". This way you just double-click a connection or select "Connect" and you will be logged in automatically on the remote machine.

To provide a secure way to store your credentials you have the possibility to apply strong encryption to your stored passwords or even encrypt the whole file content.

Protected documents can only be opened when you provide the password you used to encrypt the document.

Remote Desktops Embedded or in an External Window
You can use Royal TS to open a remote desktop session in an external window or open a session embedded in the application window. You can control this behavior for each connection individually.

Royal TS keeps track which connection is active by showing a green connection icon in the tree.

Clicking an active connection brings up the connection in the application window, or - in case the connection is configured to use an external window - brings up the external window.


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