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Vote For Porn

It all happened in the Sedgemoor District of Somerset. Letters have been sent out to people to try and make
them vote. The thing about this is that a site has been created so that citizens can vote online. Since a lot of
people are too busy to get out of their houses to vote, this new service comes in handy. They vote on the Internet from wherever they are and I have to say this is quite comfortable.
As it is hosted on the web, it can be targeted by heres what happened.

When people wanted to visit the site, they were redirected to a porn site, called "Wild Girls". Now this is quite funny if you ask me, you go online and you
e thinking..."Hey, Im gonna vote!? Hey, honey, come see the latest candidates, they
e all sexy... naked...women... never mind, dear..."

But wait, theres more to come – when you reached the porn site you also got a free tour. Im pretty sure that after this, ones mind wouldn be kept on voting any more.
Nothing bad actually happened, but I guess that this has decreased the peoples trust in online voting.

I was thinking – a lot of states already deal with fraud charges regarding elections and everyone knows that the web is one heck of an unsafe place to be – so why vote on the Internet? Sure, its easy to just click a button at home, or at work, without having to go somewhere just to do this, but the Net is really insecure and this just proves it. Also, I guess that hackers phishing data could easily cheat the vote or even worse, directly hack into the database to modify the results. I don think this practice is safe...

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