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Safeguard your XML based messages

Create secure Web services with Apache XML Security
By Tarak Modi,

Web services are here to stay, but if you are like most software developers, you worry about the plaintext SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) messages being exchanged over the Web. Web services security is a hot topic today because the success of this exciting technology hinges directly upon how secure we can make it. To that end, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has defined the XML Signature and XML Encryption specifications for digitally signing and encrypting XML-based communication messages, such as the SOAP messages used in Web services. Furthermore, companies such as IBM, Microsoft, and VeriSign have partnered to provide additional specifications, such as WS-Security (Web Services Security), that build upon these W3C specifications. And who hasn heard of the Liberty Alliance Project, a consortium of companies led by Sun Microsystems to provide a standards-based single sign-on solution to Web services? In the midst of all these initiatives lies the Apache XML Security project, an open source project that currently implements the W3C XML Signature specification and will soon support the XML Encryption specification. This article serves as a tutorial to get you up to speed with this outstanding implementation.

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