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Official site of MicroCharts
Software developer: BonaVista Systems

MicroCharts enables you to understand complex relationships in your data with sparklines. Invented by information design guru, Edward Tufte, sparklines are tiny charts with an intensity of visual distinctions comparable to words and letters. When placed in an Excel cell, sparklines dramatically improve data visualization for fast, effective parallel comparisons.

There are some feature about microcharts that can fit to your needs. For example:
- MicroCharts enhances your Excel chart library with sparklines, bullet graphs and other in-cell charts. Its including bars, line segments and pies. A chart is represented as text that is formatted with the MicroCharts fonts. Dynamic chart formulas update your charts when a dependent cell value changes.

- The MicroCharts WebEdition is perfectly suited for management dashboards and makes Excel a first choice dashboard tool. Its build your dashboard with Excel using tables, MicroCharts, bullet graphs, sparklines and Excel Charts and create a real multi-user web application with the MicroCharts WebEdition.

- MicroCharts for Microsoft OLAP gives you a better understanding of key performance indicators. Historical trends are displayed as sparklines; the more conventional arrow, in comparison, only shows the figure for the previous period.
The XLCubed OLAP formulas allow you to access OLAP data and the XLCubed Web Edition allows you to publish MicroCharts dashboards and Excel reports to the Web.

- MicroCharts Color Manager

You can get this program with single or 5 license
MicroCharts Premium Edition (5 Pack)
MicroCharts Professional Edition
MicroCharts Professional Edition (5 Pack)
MicroCharts Server Components Basic Edition
MicroCharts Server Components Professional Edition

Official site of MicroCharts

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