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Official site of GD Picture
Software developer: GdPicture Imaging Softwares

GdPicture SDKs are full-featured image processing toolkits designed for developers in order to acquire, create, view, edit, compose and print images within their own applications. They can read, write and convert images in a large variety of formats like TIFF, GIF, JPEG, PNG, WMF, BMP, ICO, PDF, PCX, PNM...

With GdPicture imaging toolkits you can add quickly and easily many features to your applications such as image processing functions, the conversion of the color depth of an image, image compression, image displaying, image printing, applying a variety of filters and effects to an image, the image acquisition using the TWAIN protocol from scanners, cameras and capture cards...

You can also use GdPicture Imaging SDK in order to: flip, rotate and resize an image, quantify and reduce the colors of an image, deskew, crop and trim an image, overlay shapes, barcodes, and text within an image, overlay two images using semi-transparency effect, get and set tiff, GPS, thumbnails and exif metadata, insert, delete, move and swap pages within multipage tiff image, adjust the colors of an image...

Official site of GD Picture

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GD Picture

GdPicture SDKs are full-featured image processing toolkits designed for developers in order to acquire, create, view, edit, compose and print...

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