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About ed at Linux


Line oriented file editor.
Below is a listing of know limitations of the ed editor:

  • 64 characters per file name.

  • 256 characters per global subcommand list.

  • LINE_MAX characters per line (although there is currently a system-imposed limit of 255 characters per line entered from the keyboard).

  • 128,000 character buffer size


ed [-C] [-p string] [-s] [-] [-x] filename
red [-C] [-p string] [-s | - ] [-x] filename

$ Reads the last line in this case "of the
ed editor"
- Moves back one line. For example, if $ was typed,
if - was entered would move up to "this is a test". A number can
be added to move more than one line at a time. For example, if at the last
line typing -2 would move back to the first line in this example.
+ The + moves one line forward instead of back
like the -. Like the - the + can have a number added after it, for example,
+2 to move two lines instead of one line.
/. Reads the first line in this case "Hello
world" additional dots can be added to read other lines.
/text/ Searches for the text typed in-between the forward
slashes and displays the next line that has this text. For example, if we
were at the first line "Hello world" and typed /test/ the line
displayed would be "this is a test"
i Inserts text above the current line. Once you
are done inserting text press CTRL + C to exit out of the insert option.
j Joins lines of text.
t Copies the line.
c Used to change text. For example, if our current
line was "this is a test". Typing c would allow you to enter a
new line. Typing "this is a tester" and then pressing CTRL + C
would replace the previous line with this new line.
r Removes the specific line you are currently
X Allows you to skip to a line. For example, typing
X and when asked to enter a key you enter 3 would display the line "of
the ed editor"


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